Gravity Outlet Gates

Outlet Gates

Miner Enterprises is the largest and most experienced gravity gate manufacturer in the world. Our experience extends back to 1905 and is reflected in more than 800,000 gates of ever-improving designs delivered. Today, Miner’s heavy-duty outlets offer reliable, trouble-free discharging of grain and other sensitive food service commodities such as sugar, dry bulk chemicals, sand, cement, and other commodities.

Gate sizes and commodity are representative only.

13 x 42 (cement, sand, powder commodities)
13 x 42 Low-Profile (cement, sand)
15 x 48 Ultra-Low Profile (cement, sand)
30 x 30 (grain, soda ash, potash)
28 x 36 (general service)
24 x 48 (general service)
24 x 54 Low-Profile (sand)
42 x 42 (DDG, grain)
42 x 52 (DDG)


Contact your Miner Sales Manager to determine the best fit for your application.