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Constant Contact Side Bearings

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Constant Contact Side Bearings

Miner TecsPak® Constant Contact (TCC) Side Bearings help minimize railcar life cycle costs by providing exceptional, proven control over the railcar truck instability known as truck hunting. This allows railcars to operate at high speeds with substantially reduced truck and wheel wear.

Proper Inspection, Adjustment and Installation is key to proper side bearing performance.

Please watch our training video to learn how to minimize such conditions as truck hunting, car body rock-and-roll and curve negotiation.

Superior truck hunting control means less wear.

Ride quality is improved through Miner Constant Contact Side Bearing technology.

  • Frictional turning resistance created via optimal preload and metal on metal contact with the car body
  • Energy absorbed through longitudinal hysteresis and proper top cap engagement
  • An animated demonstration of truck hunting control
  • Proper preload optimizes hunting resistance
  • Smaller gap allows the top cap and housing to engage quickly

What does that mean to me?

  • Optimal Preload + Smaller Gap = Maximum Energy Absorption = Best Hunting Control and Curve Negotiation

Less truck and wheel wear means longer life.

Tight tolerance means reduced truck wear equals longer service life. Miner’s side bearings
have the tightest tolerance in the industry.

  • See examples of excessive wear on car and truck components caused by truck hunting.
Wedge and Bowl Liner Side Frame Column Area Gib Wear Side Frame Pedestal Area Wedges and Springs Bolster Wedge Pocket Bolster Wedge Pocket Truck Springs

Longer life means less maintenance cost.

Miner’s innovative designs not only reduce truck wear but work better, last longer, and are easier to maintain.

  • TecsPak® springs provide maximum vertical energy absorption to help dampen car body roll
  • Tighter tolerance allows Miner side bearings to perform longer than the competition in equal conditions
  • Simple 3-piece design allows easier maintenance

Miner is the industry leader for long travel side bearings.

Over 18 years experience and over 1.8 Million units in service

  • Satisfied customers include BNSF Railway Company, CSX Transportation, GE Rail Services,
    Norfolk Southern, Union Pacific, and dozens of other rail industry titans.

Bring some control to your railcars.

To reduce the stress state of the North American railroad industry, the AAR mandated the use of metal capped constant contact side bearings on all new cars built after 2001. In 2003, this mandate was modified to specify long travel side bearings. In 2005, the AAR expanded this mandate to require that all existing tank cars must be equipped with long travel side bearings by the year 2015. In 2006, the AAR included flat cars to be equipped by 2011. The following article by Bill O'Donnell, provides insight into why long travel side bearings have become so important to the railroad industry's effort to improve railcar operations:
Making the Case for Long Travel Constant Contact Side Bearings (pdf)