Miner TecsPak® Technology

A Legacy of Leadership

Almost 50 years ago, a game-changing innovation was uncovered: Miner TecsPak®  technology. Almost overnight, its unique elastomer design doubled–and in many cases tripled–product life expectancies, while providing a superior solution to all-steel, rubber and urethane products.

TecsPak Equipped

Technology for the toughest environments.

While much of the materials Miner utilizes to manufacture our products is non-renewable, we do have a robust recycling and reclamation program, in which old draft gears and other products are reacquired and/or returned for reuse, reclamation and refabrication. Wherever possible, Miner Enterprises purchases environmentally safe materials and uses process materials that are recyclable. Miner is also developing partnerships with its supply chain and their efforts, utilizing returnable plastic and metal bins. Suppliers are sent returnable bins to load high volume materials purchased.

Total quality comes from complete manufacturing control.

Today, Miner still manufactures in-house every TecsPak-equipped draft gear and side bearing. There is no better and more experienced team than our own, and our total management of the production process promises consistent quality that meets or exceeds the high expectations of our customers.

Reliability that runs for millions of miles.

In fact, Miner draft gears have consistently demonstrated that their superior capacity actually increases over time — even in the most punishing service applications. In fact, our draft gears are known to perform as good as or better than new after prolonged use. Tests have shown Miner draft gears provide double-digit increases in capacity well after 1,000,000 miles of service.

TecsPak-equipped draft gears and side bearings.

TecsPak technology is at the core of our top-performing components, and our lines of TecsPak-equipped draft gears and constant contact side bearings continue to set industry standards for global excellence and reliability.

Proven draft gear performance.

As a pioneer and industry leader in draft gear design, Miner has produced more than 5 million units, operating in a wide variety of services worldwide. Our TF-880™ TecsPak friction draft gear is the lightest weight, high performance option, allowing extra payload capacity and greater car design flexibility.

With its patented elastomer compression spring package and proven friction clutch design, the TF-880 absorbs more energy and can significantly reduce the transfer of damaging forces to your railcar. With a 40-year track record and over 1.4 million units in service, the TF-880 is the most specified draft gear in the industry.

Engineering side bearings to reduce wear.

Miner TecsPak Constant Contact Side Bearings help minimize railcar life cycle costs by providing exceptional, proven control over the railcar truck instability known as truck hunting. Manufactured with the tightest tolerances in the industry, our side bearings are able to maximize energy absorption, allowing railcars to operate at high speeds while substantially reducing truck and wheel wear to extend service life and drive down maintenance costs.