TecsPak Equipped

Bolt-on / LTLP-C Series

The TCC-45 LTLP-C is a long travel, low-profile, bolt-on application. This side bearing is a bit unique since this is a bolt-on, low profile side bearing, the setup height can be measured at 2-5/8" (67 mm) or 5/8" (16mm) from the bottom of the housing to the underside of the wear plate, provides 4,500 lbs. of preload and 5/8" (16 mm) of travel. The housing is 2" (51 mm) tall and acts as a solid stop.

The LTLP-C showcases a simple 3-piece design including top cap, pad, and housing. This makes this side bearing easy to install and maintain. The pad of the LTLP-C is Miner's exclusive TecsPak pad, which is proven to provide a greater level of hunting control to the car body even under the most demanding conditions.

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