Ballst MOW Outlet image

Ballast / MOW Outlets

Miner is the largest and most experienced manufacturer of discharge systems in the world with over 25,000 ballast discharge systems in service known for reliable operation, rugged long-lasting endurance, reduced maintenance and dependability.

  • Effectively ballast inside, outside or both sides of the rail simultaneously
  • Large guillotine door openings designed to stop ballast flow with minimum effort
  • Easy ballast shutoff at switches, crossovers and bridges
  • Remote control AggreGate allows the user to deposit ballast while remaining a safe distance from the activity.
  • Easy to apply to new or existing hopper cars

AggreGate ballast discharge outlets are available in either manual, air-operated, electric and remote control models to meet virtually any ballast unloading need.

Simple. Reliable. Proven.