Series 2008 Brake Beams

Miner Series 2008 Brake Beams are designed to minimize uneven brakeshoe wear, reducing brake shoe replacement by as much as 20%. Notched brake heads reduce beam binding for more consistent braking and an innovative reversible strut allows for quick conversion of the hand of the beam. Integrated splined bushings stay secure to deliver 10x longer service life than non-bushed beams. The result is long lasting, prolonged service life and better braking performance.

Long-lasting, Trouble-free performance.


  • Improved Brake Heads – reduce brake shoe consumption by up to 20%
  • Hardened and Splined Bushing (patented) – extends the life of the beam
  • Positive Stop Bushing Housing (patented) – eliminates movement of bushing
  • Reversible Strut – quickly converts the hand of the beam
  • Zero Interference Brake Key Guide (patented) – assures fast, easy and secure installation of brake shoes
  • Key Lock – ensures retention of brake shoe key
  • Compression Member – 5/16 inch thick to withstand vibration from shelled wheels
  • Notched Brake Head – reduces beam binding for more consistent braking