At the turn of the 20th century, the United States was a land of great but unharnessed energy, and the railroad industry was the country’s dominant force.

Since the end of the Civil War, railroads had powered America’s explosive growth, opening up new vast frontiers to farming, ranching, and mining. Railroad stocks were the basis of the country’s financial markets, and railroad companies developed models of employment and management that would become universal in the new century.

The railroad industry—like the country itself—faced challenges created by its own growth and power. Rail car technology had not kept pace with the demands of longer hauls and faster trains. Railroads were constantly dealing with freight damage and worker injuries caused by excessive wear and accidents.

William Miner, a hardworking engineer with a vision for the future, was exactly the type of man the country needed. Beginning with his first patent for a tandem draft rigging, he changed the dynamics of the railroad industry, making rail transport safer, more efficient, and more reliable. His inventions, and the company he built, have helped keep the country’s trains moving for 125 years.

Founded in 1894, the W.H. Miner spring draft gears filled a special need during the railroads’ transition from wooden frames and the standardization of draft gear pockets, automatic couplers and braking systems from approximately 1885 to 1919. The key patents involved in this evolutionary period of our draft gears business is covered in “The Amazing Story of the Miner Spring Draft Rigging ”.

The W.H. Miner Division has since grown to include draft gears, discharge gates and mechanisms, hatch covers, side bearings, brake beams, buffer springs and drawgear springs, and grating systems.

W.H. Miner is a major supplier of freight car components to the railroad industry. Our customer list comprises all Class I and Class II railroads worldwide, freight car builders, private-car companies, leasing companies, and contract freight car repair shops. Miner has sold its products in 56 countries and has received two awards for excellence in exporting, from the Department of Commerce.

Our experienced staff of engineers and technicians is knowledgeable, innovative, and committed. They work closely with sales and marketing to provide quality products that meet or exceed customer needs and the changing needs of the marketplace. And a research and development department recognized for excellence throughout the railroad and transportation industries supports engineering.


Quality assurance of all components is controlled by Miner Quality Assurance personnel to their specifications.

Miner will provide superior products and services that satisfy all applicable specifications to meet or exceed customer needs and expectations.

Miner Enterprises, Inc., consists of four business units:

As a privately owned company, we do not publish financial statements.


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