TecsPak Equipped

Weld-on / LTLP Series

Upgrade your existing block style side bearings to Miner TecsPak® long travel constant contact side bearings.

The TCC-45-LTLP long travel low profile constant contact side bearing are designed to retrofit into your existing low profile (2-5/8”), block style side bearing pocket. Miner long travel constant contact side bearings provide superior truck hunting control, improved curving performance, maximum car body control and smoother railcar operation. The innovative design of the TCC-45-LTLP, including the use of Miner’s exclusive TecsPak spring, is proven to deliver greater car body protection under the most demanding applications. Retrofitting with Miner’s TCC-45-LTLP long travel constant contact side bearings not only improves your railcar performance, but also puts it in compliance with AAR rule 88.A.15.f.(9).

The TCC-45-LTLP is designed to operate at an installed height of 2-5/8” and provide 4,500 lbs of preload and 5/8” of travel.

Protection. Reliable. Innovation.