Miner FCS® System

Innovative New End-of-Car Friction Cushioning System

Many railcars are inadequately protected by hydraulic cushioning units.  Energy is not efficiently managed, and short life cycles lead to costly maintenance, not only for the hydraulic units but also for the assets they were supposed to protect.

Miner' Friction Cushioning System improves operations, protects assets, and reduces costs. It provides car owners and operators with a far greater return on their investment. 

Using Miner's proven draft gear technology, the Miner FCS® provides greater slack management, increased draft protection and better control over run-in and run-out events.  This results in significant reductions in train consist restrictions, fewer unplanned service interruptions, and improved operations throughout the network.

Miner's Friction Cushioning System is a straightforward, reliable choice to meet your railcar cushioning needs.  It easily installs on refrigerated and standard box cars and steel coil cars, as well as on flat cars, including centerbeam, bulkhead flats and general service flats.

Over 6 years of service with a combined 100 million miles travelled, the Miner FCS leverages Miner's unmatched innovation and experience with draft gear systems to protect assets, reduce costs, and improve operations.  Best of all it provides car owners and operators the peace of mind that comes with maximum protection.