Draft Gears


Miner's draft gear line includes a variety of steel-friction and elastomer-friction draft gears that provide higher capacity for a wide range of service requirements. As a pioneer and industry leader in draft gear design, Miner has over 115 years experience and over 1,000,000 units currently in service.

Our draft gears have consistently demonstrated that their superior capacity actually increases over time, even in the most punishing service applications. In fact, our draft gears are known to perform as good as or better after prolonged use. Tests have shown Miner draft gears to provide double-digit increases in capacity well after 1,000,000 miles of service.

Utilizing the industry-proven friction clutch design, combined with durable and resilient spring packages as well as sturdy cast alloy steel housings, Miner draft gears are built for maximum strength and toughness to provide trouble-free service to virtually any type of railcar.