Draft Gears


The TF-880™ TecsPak® friction draft gear is the lightest weight high-performance M-901E draft gear, allowing extra payload capacity and greater car design flexibility. The TF-880 utilizes a patented TecsPak® elastomer compression spring package and proven friction clutch design. With 44% more energy absorption than double-coil spring designs, the TF-880 not only provides greater spring capacity, it can significantly reduce the transfer of damaging force to the railcar.

TF-880 draft gears examined from service applications of more than one million miles have consistently demonstrated the TF-880's sustained high capacity under a wide variety of operating conditions.


Performance Specification
Official rating travel - inches 2.93
Official capacity - foot pounds 45,520
Reaction force @ rating travel - lbs 566,000
Gear weight - lbs 270
Maximum capacity of 52,640 ft. lbs. at 3.15 inches of travel and 858,000 lbs. reaction force