TCC-IV Series

The TCC-IV long travel constant contact side bearings feature a more durable, heat-resistant design to maximize the life of your side bearings under the most demanding high-speed, high-mileage applications.

  • Housing vents and insulator provide superior heat dispersion increasing the life of the side bearing.
  • Anti-rotational lugs improve rotational resistance and maximize energy absorption, resulting in higher hunting thresholds.
  • Patented TecsPak springs provide excellent vertical energy absorption for car body roll control.
  • Color coded insulators for quick identification.
  • Simple 3-piece design makes these side bearings easy to install and maintain.
  • 5/8" travel from 5-1/16" set-up height.
  • TCC-IV side bearings allow railcars to run at higher speeds with reduced truck and wheel wear.

Protection. Reliable. Innovation.

Training Video

Inspection, Adjustment and Installation

Superior truck hunting control

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Improved curve performance

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Maximum energy absorption

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