Constant Contact Side Bearings

Long Travel

The TCC-IV long travel constant contact side bearings feature a more durable, heat-resistant design to maximize the life of your side bearings under the most demanding high-speed, high-mileage applications.

  • Housing vents and insulator provide superior heat dispersion increasing the life of the side bearing.
  • Anti-rotational lugs improve rotational resistance and maximize energy absorption, resulting in higher hunting thresholds.
  • Patented TecsPak springs provide excellent vertical energy absorption for car body roll control.
  • Simple 3-piece design makes these side bearings easy to install and maintain.
  • Color coded insulators for quick identification.
  • 5/8" travel from 5-1/16" set-up height.
  • TCC-IV side bearings allow railcars to run at higher speeds with reduced truck and wheel wear.
Constant Contact Side Bearing Typical Car Applications Preload Insulator
ID Color

Light Spine Cars

3,000 lbs.



Aluminum Open Top Hoppers

Aluminum Gondolas

Articulated Double Stack - Articulated Connection

Spine Cars

4,500 lbs. red

Aluminum Covered Hoppers

Aluminum Open Top Hoppers

General Purpose 89' Flat Cars

Centerbeam Cars

Gondolas / Coil Cars

All Tank Cars

Stand Alone Well Cars

Drawbar Connected Well

Articulated Double Stack - End Connection

6,000 lbs. blue

Steel Covered Hoppers

Steel Open Top Coal Cars

All Box Cars

Bulkhead Flat Cars

Autorack Cars

8,000 lbs. grey
The constant contact side bearing can support no more than 85% of the body weight. The maximum side bearing preload that can be utilized for a given car design is calculated by dividing the car body weight by four and multiplying by 85% (AAR Specification M-948-06). The body weight equates to the light weight minus truck weight.