Specialty Springs

Occasionally there are applications that require a special spring design, something not normally covered by EN Specifications.
The versatility of TecsPak® allows our engineers to formulate designs and make proposals to meet unique requirements.

Facts & Features:

TecsPak results from taking a selected thermoplastic elastomer and through the use of shape design and patented processing, we obtain a very unique spring material. "Elastomer" is another name for material with rubber-like characteristics. It is elastic, and it stretches. There are two main classes of elastomers: thermoset and thermoplastic. Thermoset elastomers are combined with as many as 30 different ingredients under heat and pressure to give a rubber-like material with more properties than rubber alone. A thermoplastic elastomer melts on exposure to high heat and "freezes" when the temperature drops below the melting point. Thermoplastic elastomers have many of the characteristics of rubber and some excellent properties which rubber does not have.