TecsPak Equipped

Drawbar Gears

DrawGuard™ FT

The DrawGuard™ FT delivers the ultimate in weight savings, slack reduction and car protection.

The ultra-high preload TecsPak® spring behind a state-of-the-art forged steel friction mechanism provides over twice the resistance to compression and more than four times more energy absorption tan other available all-rubber drawbar gears. The high-strength steel housing contains all components, protecting the TecsPak spring from over-compression, while limiting travel to one inch. Lightweight the DrawGuard FT weighs 45 pounds less than all-rubber drawbar gears, which have no housing to protect their rubber spring from damage.

    Performance Features

  • Rigid steel housing limits travel to one inch
  • Fits standard 24-5/8" draft pocket
  • Smooth-acting friction mechanism
  • Lightest weight drawbar gear at only 285 lbs.
  • Miner’s exclusive TecsPak® elastomer spring technology
  • High energy absorption