• Maintenance free, never needs adjustment
  • Unmatched durability provides long life
  • High energy absorption in a lightweight spring package
  • Wide operating temperature range
    (–40° C to + 50° C)
  • Available with ultraviolet protection
  • Designed to comply with EN-15551 for Buffers and EN-15566 for Drawgear Springs
  • Can be premounted

Buffer Springs


Miner TecsPak® Passenger Springs provide an excellent balance of a high degree of protection for passenger wagons while permitting smooth operation for curving. The unsurpassed durability and dependable quality will reduce maintenance costs for an extended life of your equipment.

If you don’t see a buffer spring package that fits your needs, please contact us and let us know your specific parameters.


P-110 Performance Curve

(72 Hours After Installation)

8 Pads, 7 Plates  
Installed Height: 327mm
Test Speed: 25mm/min


S-110 Performance Curve

(72 Hours After Installation)

7 Pads, 6 Plates  
Installed Height: 305mm
Test Speed: 25mm/min