Outlet Gates

15 x 48 Ultra-Low Profile

Miner’s 15 x 48 AutoLOK™ II gates bolts up to standard 13 x 42 hopper flanges. Its 7.35 inch low profile design handles the requirements of sand service while the opening is tailored to match a cement-unloading boot. Cars with these outlets can easily switch between sand and cement service depending on market needs.

With over a century of experience, unrivaled commitment to engineering, state-of-the-art manufacturing and proven reliability, Miner’s AutoLOK™ II is the most widely specified outlet gate in the industry.

Simple. Reliable. Proven.


  • Automatic lock / unlock
  • Metered product flow
  • Easy to open
  • Minimize commodity build up
  • Prevents leakage
  • Dependable seal
  • Stays closed
  • Reduced component wear


  • Reference size: 15 x 48
  • Clear opening: 15 x 48
  • Flange-to-flange height: 6.88"
  • Overall gate height: 7.35"
  • Number of bolt holes: 64
  • 485 lbs


  • Bolt-on (32 or 64)
  • Powder coating

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