Outlet Gates

30 x 30 Low Profile


  • Full perimeter carpet seals prevent leakage at all temperature extremes
  • Tight tolerance prevents leakage
  • Two-inch-wide enclosed rack and pinion with forged backstop ensures the door remains in time and protects the door from over torque
  • The patented lost-motion system results in a lower opening force by allowing the lock to unlock before the door opens
  • Tapered front end door supports allow the door to close completely before buildup can occur
  • Flat vertical walls minimize commodity build up
  • Proven UHMW material on rigid door runners reduce friction for easier opening
  • Door runners ensure rack and pinion stay fully engaged for reliable opening and closing


  • Stainless steel slide door
  • Galvanizing
  • Powder coating


  • Reference size: 30 x 30
  • Clear opening: 31.83 x 29.82
  • Flange-to-flange height: 7.56"
  • Overall gate height: 8.97"
  • Number of bolt holes: 66
  • 375 lbs