Class 1 Railroad Orders 600 Car Sets of Miner Friction Cushioning Systems

(Geneva, IL – USA) Miner Enterprises, Inc. is proud to announce that one of North America's largest Class I railroads has awarded Miner 600 car sets of the Miner Friction Cushioning System (FCS) for their new steel coil cars. 

Miner FCS® systems provide greater slack management, increased draft protection and better control over run-in and run-out events than hydraulic units.  This results in significant reductions in train consist restrictions, fewer unplanned service interruptions, and improved operations throughout the network.

"This latest order of 600 car sets is a direct result of our collaborative, innovative and rigorous field testing," said Bill O'Donnell, executive director of global sales for Miner.   "It verified that the Miner FCS improves operations, protects assets and reduces costs.

"Coil cars have traditionally been equipped with EOCC hydraulic units," O'Donnell added. "Over the past several years, however, we've been working closely with Class I railroads who have led the charge to replace these with more reliable Miner Friction Cushioning Systems, based around our proven draft gear technology."

Now with over six years of reliable performance, over a combined 100 million miles, Miner FCS systems continue to leverage Miner's unmatched innovation and experience with draft gear systems to protect both railcars and shipments, while delivering more cost efficient day-to-day operations. Learn more about Miner FCS on the Miner website: