Railcar Industry Shows Preference for Miner Double Groove Pneumatic Outlet Gate for Plastics.

Miner Enterprises, Inc. reports that industry adoption of the company's Double Groove pneumatic outlet gate for plastics continues to accelerate as it has been specified on more than 2,400 new railcars in recent months.

Miner's recent orders for the Double Groove include hopper cars for: CAI Rail, CIT Rail, Greenbrier, Wells Fargo Rail and others.

"We are proud to see that industry demand for our pneumatic outlet gate for plastics continues to grow," said Bill O'Donnell, Miner's Executive Director of Global Sales. "I believe these orders are evidence that the Double Groove has become the pneumatic outlet gate of choice for plastics customers in North America."

Customers prefer the Double Groove pneumatic outlet gate for plastics due to its innovative design, which protects hopper car contents from the elements while preventing product leakage during storage or transit. The gate’s obstruction-free valve and single-handle operation eliminate confusion during operation, making it easy to sample or unload product.

A leading provider of railcar components for more than 100 years, Miner Enterprises, Inc. designs and manufactures a wide range of high-performance products in addition to outlet gates, including hatch covers, constant contact side bearings, draft gears, brake beams and unloading mechanisms for aggregates or other bulk commodities.


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