New 3D Interactive Product Showcase from Miner is Live!

3D Interactive Product Showcase

Miner Enterprises has launched an innovative new online tool on their website that gives railroads, railcar builders, fleet operators and shippers a "hands-on" way to explore how Miner products improve railcar performance, safety and value.

Utilizing 3D digital models of 8 types of railcars, the Miner Product Showcase enables users to select a specific car type and learn more about the outlet gates, side bearings, draft gears, hatch covers, running boards, end platforms and brake beams available for that particular car.

Both products and car types are replicated in realistic 3D graphics. Users can zoom in and out, grab and rotate the cars and products through 360-degrees of perspective for optimal viewing. Product dashboards summarize the performance benefits, and via 1-click links, users can connect directly to specific information about each product on the Miner website.

"With this tool, we are showcasing the considerable breadth and depth of the full Miner product line," said Bill O'Donnell, executive director of global sales. "It's designed to provide engineers, car builders, fleet operators and maintenance shops with easy-to-use, intuitive and streamlined access to key product selection options, information and specifications."