Miner Wins Top Supplier Award Recognition from TrinityRail

Miner Enterprises has earned the singular distinction of being named Trinity Premium Supplier for a Direct Supplier by TrinityRail.
TrinityRail announced earlier this year that it was streamlining its supplier recognition program. Instead of recognizing Premium Suppliers within each of its four different Commodity Groups and its Logistics Services unit, Trinity now recognizes only one Direct Supplier and one Indirect Supplier across all groups--making it one of the most demanding and significant achievements in the industry.

"We set our sights, every year, on earning recognition from our customers through innovative partnering and going above and beyond their expectations," said Ric Biehl, President and General Manager of Miner Enterprises. "The fact that Miner has been named the sole recipient of Trinity's Premium Supplier Award for a Direct Supplier, is just stunning. It far exceeds our own expectations!"

To earn this award, Miner had to meet and surpass key performance criteria, including:  

  1. Exceeding annual On Time Delivery requirements (>90% OTD over entire year)
  2. Exceeding quality expectations (DPPM under their control limit for every month)
  3. Active participation in TrinityRail supply chain initiatives
  4. Aggressively working with TrinityRail on cost reduction initiatives
  5. Collaborating with TrinityRail on innovative new product development projects

"I'm just so proud of the focused effort the Miner teams put in, day in and day out, and the relationships they create in that process," Biehl added.  "We are ever grateful to TrinityRail for recognizing that collaboration, for bestowing this honor, and especially for challenging us—all of us. By demanding excellence, premier performance, innovative thinking, and making a significant positive impact to the business, Trinity is raising the bar for the entire industry."

As North America's premier provider of railcar products and services, TrinityRail is a leading manufacturer of railcar products and services. The company leases and services an owned and managed fleet of more than 132,000 cars.

With more than 125 years of experience in railcar equipment design and manufacturing, Miner Enterprises is one of the industry's top suppliers of draft gears, brake beams, outlet gates and unloading systems, constant contact side bearings, and other high-performance components. The company's products are currently used across North America and on railroads worldwide.