Braskem Orders 1,500 Railcars featuring Miner Low-Profile Plastic Pellet Gates

Miner Low-Profile Plastic Pellet Gates

(Geneva, IL U.S.A.) Miner Enterprises, Inc. is pleased to announce a new 1,500-car order from Braskem USA, based in Philadelphia, PA. The new cars will feature the low-profile version of Miner's Double Groove III pneumatic gates for plastic pellets. The new railcars will be built by Trinity Industries, beginning in the spring of 2020.

"At Miner, we're keenly focused on developing long-term, collaborative relationships based on trust and confidence in our products," said Bill O'Donnell, executive director of global sales. "We're delighted that Braskem, the largest petrochemical company in the Americas and the world's leading biopolymer producer, has chosen Miner gates for the newest railcars in their fleet."

Miner Double Groove III gates are among the most widely specified gates by plastic pellet shippers. For Baskem, the selection of the low-profile model came after a trial car test. The company's rail fleet team wanted to verify that the shallower slopes of the low-profile version of the gate would not slow the flow during unloading or produce product build-up, according to Matthew Sprow, rail fleet manager for Baskem USA. The trial results were excellent. Sprow also pointed to Miner's reputation for providing technical support over the life of the product, and being easy to work with, as key reasons for specifying the gates.  

The Double Groove III's one-piece design and 3-inch valve deliver fast and easy flow. There are no ledges or supports where pellets can get stuck. Smooth ground welds eliminate commodity build-up. The interlocking handle is designed to stay secure in transit, preventing leakage and contamination. The 5/16" thick air chamber creates a rugged core that maximizes resistance to damage.

The Miner Double Groove III plastic pellet gate is recognized as the most simple, reliable and proven gate for plastics shippers worldwide.