Miner Enterprises Supplies Components for 3,800 High-Capacity Hopper Cars

(For immediate release – July 10, 2019)

Miner Enterprises has announced that it will supply outlet gates and hatch covers for 3,800 new high-capacity grain hopper cars ordered by Canadian Pacific and Canadian National railways. Already a leading supplier of railcar components, Miner is helping facilitate the industry’s move toward higher-capacity, higher-efficiency trains.

“Miner has always been focused on improving efficiency and lowering our customers’ operating costs,” said Bill O’Donnell, Executive Director of Global Sales of Miner Enterprises. “We’re proud to have been selected as a partner in building the next generation of hopper cars.”

The new cars—2,800 for Canadian Pacific and 1,000 for Canadian National—are being built by National Steel Car in Hamilton, Ontario. The cars feature a new design that increases car capacity while reducing car length, allowing for more cars in a standard-length train.

Canadian Pacific has announced plans to purchase 5,900 of the new cars in support of its Dedicated Train Program, which allows grain customers to respond more quickly to changes in the global grain market. Canadian Pacific estimates that the new cars will increase per-train capacity by 16%, a number which will increase to 44% when the railroad moves from 7,000-foot trains to 8,500-foot trains as planned.

Miner’s AutoLOK™ II outlet gates, the most widely-specified gates in the industry, were chosen for the new cars due to their reputation for fast unloading and simple operation, benefits which take on even greater importance on longer, higher-capacity trains. The company’s DuraShield hatch covers feature a composite construction that is lighter and more durable than other designs, while far exceeding standards for seal performance.

Founded in 1894, Miner Enterprises became a worldwide leader in the railcar industry by developing innovative new products and maintaining high levels of quality and customer service. The company’s products, including draft gears, brake beams, gates, constant contact side bearings, and other high-performance components, are currently in use on every Class I and Class II railroad worldwide.


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