Constant Contact Side Bearings

TCC IV Series

Miner TecsPak® Constant Contact (TCC) Side Bearings help minimize railcar life cycle costs by providing exceptional, proven control over the railcar truck instability known as truck hunting. This allows railcars to operate at high speeds with substantially reduced truck and wheel wear.

Miner’s constant contact side bearings provide superior truck hunting control, improved curving performance, maximum car body roll control and smoother railcar operation. In test after test, our side bearings have provided pinnacle performance under the toughest environmental and usage conditions.

Miner developed the first long travel side bearing in 1986 to address the bogie hunting problem in North America and worked with the railroads to perfect it. The AAR has recognized the value of metal capped, long travel side bearings and in 2001 mandated their application to all freight cars in North America.


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