Constant Contact Side Bearings

Long Travel

Designed for maximum hunting control, the TCC-III-LT high performance side bearing also provides superior curving performance and increased set-up height tolerance.

  • Simple 3-piece design makes these side bearing easy to install and maintain
  • 5/8" travel from 5-1/16" set-up height, or 1" travel from 5-7/16"set-up height. Solid height of 4-7/16".
  • Additional travel improves curve negotiation
  • Unique top cap design controls rotation and tipping
Constant Contact Side Bearing Typical Car Applications Preload at
(5/8" travel)
Preload at
(1" travel)

Light Spine Cars

3,000 lbs.

"All Purpose" Spine Cars

Articulated Double Stacks - Male Connection

Aluminum Coal Cars

4,500 lbs. 3,000 lbs.

Auto Racks Bi/Tri Levels

Double Stack Well Cars

89' Flat Carso Aluminum Covered Hoppers

All Purpose Spine Cars - End Trucks

Auto Rack Cars with TTX/TI-7 truck

High Cube Box Cars

6,000 lbs. 4,000 lbs

Auto Rack Cars with TTX/TI-7 truck

High Cube Box Cars

Bulkhead Flat Cars

8,000 lbs. 5,500 lbs.
The constant contact side bearing can support no more than 85% of the body weight. The maximum side bearing preload that can be utilized for a given car design is calculated by dividing the car body weight by four and multiplying by 85% (AAR Specification M-948-06). The body weight equates to the light weight minus truck weight.