Gravity Outlet Gates

Dry Bulk Commodities

Miner’s AutoLOK™ II is the most widely specified outlet gate in the industry. The AutoLOK II is easy to open and close and stays locked. With tight tolerances and full perimeter seals, the AutoLOK II prevents leakage–making it perfect for dry bulk commodity materials. The AutoLOK II meets all GEAPS and AAR S-233-92 specifications to improve unloading operations in a wide variety of demanding applications.

Gate sizes and commodity are representative only.

13 x 42 (cement, sand, powder commodities)
13 x 42 Low-Profile (cement, sand)
15 x 48 Ultra-Low Profile (cement, sand)
30 x 30 (grain, soda ash, potash)
28 x 36 (general service)
24 x 48 (general service)
24 x 54 Low-Profile (sand)
42 x 42 (DDG, grain)
42 x 52 (DDG)

Contact your Miner Sales Manager to determine the best fit for your application.