Constant Contact Side Bearings

TCC-2600, 4500, 8000

This is the original line of TCC Series side bearings offered by Miner. All three preload options are standard travel and use the standard 8 1/2" bolting pattern. This series is primarily used in maintenance applications.

  • Contoured top cap for smooth operation
  • Metal-to-metal between top cap and housing maximizes energy absorption
  • Standard travel models designed for a set up height of 5-1/16" with 5/16" travel. Solid height of 4-3/4"

Which Side Bearing Do I have?

To determine which Miner side bearing is currently installed determine the number of slots in the top cap assembly.

Model Replace “In-Kind”
Standard Travel
Long Travel Upgrade Can be applied when car body weights are greater than:
TCC-2600* TCC-III 30 ST TCC-III 30 LT 14,115 lbs
TCC-4500 TCC-4500 TCC-III 45 LT 21,175 lbs
TCC-8000 TCC-8000 TCC-III 80 LT 37,645 lbs
* No longer in production
If car body light weight is greater than 28,235 lbs but less than 37,645 lbs, a TCC-III 60 LT would also be applicable.