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Covered Hopper Outlet Gate
Identification Form

Lost identification tag?
Not a problem, fill out our covered hopper outlet gate identification form online and send it to us.

Or pdfDownload a pdf and fax to 630-232-3055


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Gate Model Number (Starts with “E” or “MKE”):
Discharge Type (select one):
Gravity Only Pneumatic Only Gravity & Pneumatic
Hopper Commodity (grain, sand, cement, sugar, etc.):
Lock/Unlock Type (select one):
Manual Automatic (GEAPS)
Clear opening of gate with door open (select one):
13” X 24” 13” X 47” 24” X 38” 30” X 30”
13” X 42” 24” X 30” 28” X 36” 42” X 42”
Parallel to track: Across car:
Gate Mounting Type (select one):
Weld on Bolt on
Working points of gate:
Working points of gate illustration Working points of gate illustration
(refer to above drawing for reference point A and B):
A - parallel to track (inches)
B - across car (inches)
Flange Type (select one)
Horizontal    Sloped (provide working points)
B- across car (inches)
Additional Dimensions (inches):
Width of pinion: Other (operating shaft, operating handle, slide door, etc.):
Part Numbers listed on gate:
Operating Handle Other part numbers:
Additional information or descriptions:
Car initial & number:
Original build date:
Original car builder:
If you are able to take a photo of the gate or parts in question, you can email them to us.
Don’t forget to “zip” multiple photos first before uploading. Max file size: 2MB.