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  • New Product Line
    Miner Acquires NEW Product Line ...

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  • Draft Gears
    Miner draft gears are built for maximum strength and toughness to provide trouble-free service to virtually any type of railcar...

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  • Constant Contact Side Bearings

    Miner Constant Contact Side Bearings minimize railcar life cycle costs by providing exceptional, proven control over truck hunting...

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  • TecsPak® Springs
    Miner TecsPak® buffer springs require no maintenance or adjustments after installation...

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  • DuraShield™
    Miner’s trough hatch cover is a lightweight profile cover system that provides a more consistent seal in any temperature extremes…

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  • AutoLOK® II Outlet Gates
    Miner’s versatility in outlet gates is evident when our customers need to move new products, re-purpose cars, or improve performance…

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  • AggreGate® Ballast Outlets
    Miner is the largest and most experienced manufacturer of discharge systems in the world known for reliable operation, rugged long-lasting endurance, reduced maintenance and dependability...

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  • Rapid Discharge Systems
    For more than 30 years, our superior design, performance, reliability and low maintenance advantages make Miner discharge mechanisms your best choice for new or retrofit railcar applications…

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  • Brake Beams
    Miner brake beams are designed to minimize uneven brake shoe wear, reducing brake shoe replacement by as much as 20%...

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Miner Enterprises, Inc. - Perfecting Railcar Performance

Miner Enterprises, Inc.
Perfecting Railcar Performance

Miner Enterprises, Inc. has been a major developer and manufacturer of superior railcar components since 1894.

While developing a leadership position in its industry, Miner has focused on improving the performance and value not only of its products but also of the railcars that incorporate them. Those reasons include attention to product development, finding ways to reduce overall costs of railcar ownership, quality improvements, and technical service.

Backed by exhaustive testing, comprehensive service analysis, and over a century of real-world experience, Miner products are proven to boost railcar value and enhance your profitability with lower maintenance costs.

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